1. We do not access your Contacts, your device id, your phone number, or anything personally identifiable on your phone or device. 
  2. We allow users to optionally backup their places to our secure remote web servers for later retrieval.  Users need to supply an email address and password to register for this feature.  We do not sell or distribute your information to anyone.  All registration and login is through secure web connections (SSL) and we encrypt your password in our database.
  3. New to version 1.3: In addition to backup/restore, we allow users to set a "cloud sync" option and make their lists "share-able" so they can view their lists in a browser and send to friends.  This is completely optional and has to be manually turned on for each list.  The setting for each of your lists defaults to being private and not stored on the cloud.
  4. For new users, we log high-level app activity.  You can opt in or out of this logging by going to the Android "Menu" -> Preferences -> Server-side Logging -> then select "disable" or "allow".  Whether app logging is enabled or disabled, we do not share your saved Places with advertisers or anyone else.
  5. Google may log activity you perform on the Google Maps we embed in our app but we don't know for certain (check their policy).  
  6. Enabling your location will make your experience better (so you can do things like 'find me on the map') but you don't have to turn on your location for the app to work.  We don't log, capture, store, or do anything with your specific latitude/longitude location on our servers.  We don't know Google's policy on how they may use your location - shown on the Google Maps we embed in our app - so you should check their Google Maps Privacy Policy.  
  7. We do not know what information the ad servers have about you.  All we know is that we aren't giving them any information about your places or about you as a person.  The Android operating system may give them your location but we don't know for sure.  Check AdMob's Privacy Policy if you are concerned (this is the same ad service that is used throughout the world).
  8. When you link to external apps - Foursquare, Yelp, Google Places, Google Navigation - you have to check those systems' respective Privacy Policy if you are concerned about what they log or don't log about you.  We don't pass them anything about you; we just pass them their own unique identifier of the place we are linking to, nothing more specific than if you were on those apps and manually selected each place yourself.