App Features

Place Book is a free Android app available on Google Play (Android Marketplace).  Click here to download and install Place Book.

Place Book is for storing places similar to how your Contacts app is for storing people.

Feature Summary
  • Navigate directly to your place from the app's opening screen.
  • From your saved Place, link directly to Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Places for reviews, tips, check-ins, street view, etc.  
  • Organize your places into your own custom lists (ex: "Restaurants", "Things to do in my city", etc).  This reduces a lot of clutter similar to how you put files inside of folders on your computer. 
  • Backup your lists and places to our secure web servers (tutorial coming soon).

"My Places" Tab
This is where you will access your saved places.  You can't add any places on this tab; you have to add places from either the Map or Search tab.

"Search" Tab
Perform a search for any postal address in the world and there's a good chance you will get a result because we use the Google Maps API.

"Map" Tab
In addition to searching for a specific physical postal address, you can also search for places of business (ex: coffee).  We use the Google Places API for this feature.
Each yellow pin is a search result.  Instead of clicking on each yellow pin to see the place name, go back to the "Search" tab and you will see the same results but in list form.

Note: Our search is not as robust as Google's even though we use their API's.

Save Places
Scroll down the list and find a place you want to save:
Click on "The Conservatory..." search result

Click "Save to 'My Places'"

Now the Place is saved in your "My Places" tab.

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