These are the Terms and Conditions for using the Place Book Android app.  If you feel you cannot abide by these terms, please uninstall the app.
  1. Safe Operation: Do not operate this app when you are driving.  Even though we have one-click access to navigation from the home screen, you need to do this at a safe time and always within the scope of the local laws where you happen to be driving.
  2. Do not re-purpose our app, or any piece of our app, without consent.  This includes graphics/images, the database of places we store on your phone, or any other code.  Do not reverse engineer or use our source code.
  3. Malicious code: We follow Google Android best practices for storing your places in a small database on your phone that only our application can access. However, we are not responsible if malicious code gets on your phone.  We cannot guarantee that your information in this app will not be compromised by a hacker.
  4. We have no guaranteed up-times: We are at the mercy of third parties for most of the data: Google for maps and place searches; Yelp for their API; Foursquare for their API.  If any of those systems are down or if they decide not to let us call their API's - for any reason - you may lack partial or complete use of the Place Book app.  We don't even guarantee the proper functioning for parts of our app that do not rely on third parties.  To that end, you should always have a backup way of getting to and from places.  
  5. Distances are not exact: We are not responsible for the distances we say you are away from a given place.  The distances are calculated point to point and do not reflect road distances you would travel in a car.  Furthermore, the distances are not updated in real time so if you are moving around, the distance may be out of date.  Depending on how you have setup your 'location and security' settings, you may not have even enabled us to use your location.
  6. Searches are not guaranteed to match Google Maps app: We use Google Maps for addresses you enter and Google Places when searching for places in a given area (map view or radius search from you).  But we are limited to 20 search results for Google Places API calls and map searches work within a specific search radius.  So zoom in or out when we tell you and repeat the search.  But even then, we can't guarantee that the place you really want to find will be in the search results and exactly match the results you would get from the Google Maps app.
  7. Our ability to correctly link to Yelp and Foursquare are not guaranteed:  Although we generally do a pretty decent job, we have seen several examples where our saved places do not link to Yelp and Foursquare when they probably should.  In other cases, the links may take you to a place that your weren't expecting.  So always manually double check that the Yelp and Foursquare screens we take you to are what you are expecting.  If not, manually search Yelp and Foursquare for your place.
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