Future releases

Here's what we are working on for future releases.
  1. Ability to change themes from light to dark.
  2. More support for 'cloud sync' including the ability to sync places not within lists.
  3. Allow recipients of Place Book "share" operations to load the place or list into their Place Book app. 
  4. Quickly bookmark the place you are at right now.  Currently, you have to "find me on map" then click on the map for a couple seconds, then save the place. 
  5. KML import/export feature.


  1. How about ability to set up places on web page or desktop? you'd be able to get it done faster so you spend more time going places than diddling on your phone getting it set up?
    case the .kml feature is a pain..

  2. please add a choise for color list and on/off for the view list on map .

    1. Great idea on the "view list on map". Can you describe the color list idea a little more? Sounds interesting.

    2. Version 1.5 (last night's update) now has the ability to show/hide pins on the map. I will add pin color options to the next update.